With several hundred words, it is difficult to describe the place, Whygo Language Center, which helps me achieve the target of getting more than 100 in TOEFL test. Nonetheless, here I want to share my experience and focus on the distinctive features of Whygo Language Center.
There are a variety of English cram schools, and I had been to one of them before. Admittedly, all of them are helpful but only on knowing what TOEFL is. For a passive student, it is enough to get this kind of education, yet, as an active and aggressive student, I usually feel what those normal cram schools can offer is limited.
Learning English should be a continuous process; therefore, never expect people are able to learn it well when they only rely on having classes for several hours per week. Generally speaking, the best way to learn a language is being immersed in an environment full of that language. It is a challenging task to find where it is in Taiwan, but hopefully Whygo is the epitome of this type of cram schools. In my opinion, if people want to boost their English skills quickly and efficiently, Whygo is not a place but the place to study at. In addition to nice classes with a small group of students, when students join Whygo, they not only can have a decent place to study with many classmates but also have a considerable amount of opportunity to discuss with other students in order to horn English skills. Students are always welcome whenever Whygo is open. Since Whygo exists, it is ridiculous to worry about not being able to find someone to talk in English or to force yourself to study not as efficiently as you have expected at a normal cram school. Come here, Whygo will be the solution to these problems. Whygo is not just a cram school; instead, I prefer to consider Whygo as a family of learning English.