It’s really amazing for me to get 106 on TOEFL!

I prepared TOEFL for myself about half a year after finishing TOEFL courses at a large-scale language center. However, I still couldn’t get an ideal score even though I spent all of my time on studying English. I was really upset but fortunately, I met Steven and I took a five-week one to one class at Whygo.

Steven pointed out my weaknesses on writing and speaking at the first time and he customized the course for me. He knew what I really need, models and skills, and therefore helped me to improve my performance in a short time. Steven and my teacher make me realize that it is not how good my English is in real life that matter but the method of showing the skill of using hard words, correct grammars, and logical structure while taking TOEFL exam.

Furthermore, there was an abundance of material for me to hone my skills in Whygo. For instance, I did a lot of model tests which help finding out my weaknesses, and reviewed in order to make a same mistake. Also, I listened to lectures in a variety of topics, which were given by Steven, to progress my listening ability. Moreover, students at Whygo showed their strong willingness to catch their dreams, so I was encouraged and inspired to achieve my goal.

I felt so happy and comfortable to study at Whygo. Steven and my teacher made me feel confident and believe in myself. They put a great deal of effort in offering a good English-studying environment to students. And my grade increased from 86 to 106 in 5 weeks. I attribute my performance to Whygo and I definitely will suggest you to come to Whygo to make your dreams come true!