I have been studied the business course at Whygo for 4 months. Why I choose Whygo to learn English is I couldn’t stand at the cram school, which has many students in the classroom. Whygo has limited number in one class, so I got much chance to speaking English with Teacher.
Since my job function is needed to communicate with the oversea customers by using email and telephone, I enrolled in the business class at Whygo. As we know the words and expression in commercial are different with regular writing, so Steven taught me how to write the commercial email to customers properly. I sometimes would take the emails to Steven who would check them to me immediately. Thus, I can figure out what mistake I made and I have improved in writing commercial email.
Furthermore, I learned the way to do formal presentation as well. During the business class, my classmates and I usually do the presentation in several topics. The teacher would point our weakness out and corrects the mistake while we mispronounce and grammar as well. Therefore, we could make the improvement in presentation skills by practicing.
Learning English at Whygo is such interesting and useful. I really appreciated Steven help me to improve the writing and speaking in business communication a lot.