Academic Writing


Academic Writing

Academic English is a very specific area of the language but it covers a broad range of written genres.

Examples are:

  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Case studies
  • Reports
  • Research proposals
  • Literature reviews

Skills required to write such pieces are:

  • Questions analysis
  • Structuring and organization
  • Reference Lists
  • Abstract writing
  • Citation
  • Formatting and style

Academic writing skills are essential to anyone learning English in an academic context, but these contexts can vary depending on the level of Academic English required:

  • Students planning to study abroad at high school level
  • Students planning to study abroad at undergraduate level
  • Students planning to study abroad at masters’ or doctorate level
  • Students studying in Taiwan on an English Major
  • Students studying in Taiwan at an international school
  • Professionals wishing to have research publishedMost students who take this course have already been accepted to a foreign university and have already reached the minimum language requirements. This is NOT a beginner course and students will need to do some work outside of the classroom.

Whygo Academic Writing Courses

This course is designed to prepare you to have meetings with foreign classmates, write reports of up to 15,000+ words and make effective presentations on the topic. In general, essential skills such as presentation giving, citation and reference lists are given in each course, as are commonly used academic English phrases There is some grammar involved but it focuses more on study and communication skills that will help you get the most from your foreign education.

Academic Writing courses at Whygo tend to be small and focused on the particular needs of the students and their specific academic needs. More specialist types of text, such as case studies and research proposals are decided based on student need.